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Gayle King Suggests Your February

Gayle King Suggests Your February Plans Just Got More Fun.

See her favorite new releases in movies, music, celebrity skincare, and more.

“The World According to Gayle King” is Oprah Daily’s new video series spotlighting all things Gayle each and every month. Our editor at large is sharing her favorites of the moment, from buzzy new albums to fantastic restaurant finds you’ll want to try. Check back each month to see the latest!

In the month of February, many people are excited for love on Valentine’s Day (which for single me is just a regular ol’ Tuesday) or for Black History Month. So why is it that the two most important celebrations get the shortest month? We need love all the time, and Black people should be celebrated all year long! Either way you put it, February has a lot of offerings. See below for all the releases I’m looking forward to in “The World According to Gayle King”

Loved01 by John Legend, Bodycare line loved by Gayle King

Every morning before heading to my day job at CBS Mornings, I set my alarm for 3:24 a.m., and after snoozing once (or thrice), I start my day with a special ritual: a bath. What made it extra special this month? John Legend’s new bodycare line, Loved01. As a disclaimer, I love anything John Legend makes. To me, he is all things quality and class, and although the celebrity skincare industry is booming, I don’t think he’d do anything for the cheap, which means having a line made for melanin-rich skin with affordability in mind is something he is going to give his all. I got to try this new line, which is officially out February 1, and it spruced up my bath time, which is just usually me in my Black girl bonnet with Johnson & Johnson. My favorite is the cleanser, which is the perfect creamy consistency, and the exfoliating scrub has just the right amount of scratch.

Gayle King’s Favorite Movie: Your Place or Mine? on Netflix

I always love a good rom-com, but I really love Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher together—I’ve never seen them together before! In this movie, they play Debbie and Peter, and their story goes like this: They are both the one that got away, but neither of them wanted to admit that they got away. What I loved about this movie is that there are so many realistic trials and tribulations. They have a 20-year friendship, and both were in relationships with other people, but they always had each other’s back. The cast includes Jesse Williams, who was described in the film as “the sexy cherry on top” and yes, we can agree! Like any good rom-com, there’s a little bit of cheese to it, but it shows that love can come later in life and that second chances may be your best chance yet. The film is titled Your Place or Mine? And by the end of the movie, you get the answer to that question. See it on Netflix February 10.


Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a delicious meal, so when I heard there was a new cool, hip restaurant in town, I made a reservation for me and some foodies in my life to check it out. Rosevale Kitchen is tucked inside the Civilian Hotel in the theater district, which three years ago was just a parking lot! For lunch, I recommend the savory vegetarian tart, which consists of a flaky crust with eggplant, slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, summer squash, and basil. Their French fries are made with beef fat, so you know that was a hit with us potato connoisseurs. And a surprise winner was their Caesar salad: the anchovies. Don’t usually like them, but I didn’t mind them here. So next time you’re in the Big Apple, be sure to make a stop at Rosevale Kitchen for all their deliciousness.

The Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room has a cool rooftop for those summer nights out—can you tell I’m holding on for dear life?

Trustfall, by Pink

We haven’t heard from Pink in a while, but she is back with her ninth studio album, TrustfallIn an interview, she said that this is the best album she’s ever done because she can be softer and has a chance to tap into a quiet power. In her first single, “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” she says she “wants [her] life to be like a Whitney Houston song.” (I assume she means a dancing to a Whitney Houston song.) I especially love the part in the song when she says, “I got all good luck and zero f***s.” The album features dancing, ballads, heartbreak, and lots of fun—which means she has a song for everyone. Listen to the full album on February 17.


I want to hear from you! Let me know what you think of my list in the comments below. And what should I be looking forward to next month?