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I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Cl

I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover

Have you ever stopped to ponder the extremely New York phenomenon, akin to finding a rare Four Leaf Clover, of spontaneously running into anyone and everyone you’ve never wanted to, while needing to plan 80 months out to see the people that you do like? It’s basically a running joke that every time I do run into someone I’m friends with, we whip out our calendars and tick through six weeks of conflicts before we can settle on one off-the-cuff coffee date.

So it was a total delight that last weekend I had the chance to somewhat spontaneously meet up with two dear friends for dessert in Little Italy, catching up over late-night cappuccinos, hot chocolate and cake before heading off on our respective weekend MTA odysseys. There’s something distinctly magical about the unplanned hang, and even though I sometimes believe our fair city conspires against us, it is possible!! See you out there!! 

🍀 sláinte, new york!!
If there’s one thing putting together a list of Hell’s Kitchen-based movies taught me, it was that Midtown and HK have an indelible link to Irish-American history and to St Patrick’s Day!! Celebrate locally with:


🎉 a jaunt up 5th Ave
There’s a bit of family lore around the time my uncle, father, brother and cousin accidentally got swept into the Boston St Patrick’s Day Parade sometime in the mid-90s. While in almost any other circumstance they would have been not-so-politely directed out of the route, my delightfully  Irish uncle’s lime-green Oldsmobile fooled officials into thinking they were a part of the festivities and they rode along for a few blocks and waved to everyone. Look out for them at this year’s New York City St Patrick’s Day Parade on Friday March 17 at 5th Ave and W44th Street. 

🎶 lend us some tenors 
Celebrating 25 years of song, Anthony Kearns, Ronan Tynan and Declan Kelly — otherwise known as The Irish Tenors, play Town Hall on Friday, March 17 in an evening of soothing songs and a bit of humor to warm the heart! 

🎨 reclaim paddy
Dublin-based photographer Ross O’Callaghan has spent the past 10 years photographing and documenting the lives of 50 men named Paddy — spanning age, religion, sexuality, background — in an effort to subvert the preconceived notions around the term commonly used as a slur for Irish-Americans in late 19th and early 20th-century America. A selection of works from the Paddy Irishman Project is showing in an outdoor exhibit at Pershing Square opposite Grand Central Terminal now through Wednesday March 22.

🎶 festival on 11th ave
Join the crew at the Irish Arts Center for a free open house festival Sunday March 19 of “all-day traditional music and dance, live piano karaoke sing-alongs of Ireland and Irish-America’s greatest hits, a performance and group lesson by World Irish Dance Champion Tyler Shwartz, spring equinox-inspired arts and crafts” and the premiere of short film series Tann Ann (Gaelic for “Once Upon A Time”). 

🍻 grab a pint
There is no shortage of lounges and pubs where you can raise a proper pint in Hell’s Kitchen — including Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room (offering its own St Patrick’s Day-themed Irish Coffee mixology experience all weekend) and of course, our Hell’s Kitchen go-tos for Guinness, live music and livelier celebration, The Mean FiddlerThe Landmark TavernMercury Bar WestGossipHibernia and McQuaids — all of whom are certain to provide a perfect St Patrick’s Day party.  Oh — and at Scruffy Duffy’s they’re doing a 20oz pint of Guinness for $7 all month (for those who complain a New York pint is too small and too expensive).


👯 learn from the best 
Celebrate Women’s History Month and achievements in dance by taking a masterclass with Francesca Harper at Ailey Extension this Saturday March 18, where the well-known dancer and choreographer will lead students through the Forsythe improvisation technique and “encourage dancers to prioritize their creative thinking and to find pleasure in their movement”! 

🌳 a walk in the park
Learn about the forgotten women who helped develop the legacy of Central Park, along with developments on the current campaign to include more female monuments, at the green space’s Hidden History walking tour Saturday March 18. 

🎭 nothing but nostalgia
Embarrassing home movies, friendship, family, grief — Kayla Engeman tackles it all in I Need a Hero, her one-woman, one-day show playing the United Solo Theatre Festival at Theatre Row Wednesday March 22. 

🎤 make ‘em laugh
Our friends at Cafe 424 and Prime Produce present an evening of tasty refreshments and stand up performances by Princess Gibbs, Samantha Santos, Andre Myrie, Nate Marshall and DC Williams, hosted by Kevin Sanchez at the Mangu & Oxtail Comedy Nite Saturday March 25! 

🎶 i love a piano
Carnegie Hall hosts award-winning Canadian new-classical composer and pianist Steve Barakatt in his New York City debut Saturday March 18, where he’ll play through selections from his large body of work, including THE UNICEF Anthem, which premiered on the International Space Station in 2009. 

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👯 40 shades of green
Party in Long Island City at the 40 Shades of Green: St Patrick’s Day Gathering Friday March 17 where you can enjoy a plethora of Irish performers, including Irish step dance from Darrah Carr Dance and the McManus School of Irish Dance. You know they are going to kick ass!!! 

🎮 gamer girls!!
Head uptown to the North End food Hall for a video-game-themed Women’s History Month celebration this Saturday March 18 where you can enjoy food, video games, a Mario Kart tournament, DJ-spun tunes and a panel with industry experts like Video Game Amateur’s content strategist Jess Morales; Aziza Brown, founder of the Dynamik Focus esports team; Mia ‘NerdyNursey’ Norman-Owens, twitch streamer with a focus on esports health; Rurouni Aly, cosplayer and anime enthusiast; and Anya Combs, former Director of Games at Kickstarter. 

🍸 the legend of bloody mary
Confession: I’m not a huge Bloody Mary fan. Plz don’t cancel me!!!!!! BUT I know lots and lots of people are fans of the brunch cocktail favorite so I am still shouting out the New York City Bloody Mary Festival this Saturday March 18 at City Point in Brooklyn. Enjoy savory varietals and snacks from multiple local bars, temporary tattoos and the chance to vote for The People’s Choice Award for the city’s best Bloody Mary. Out of fairness, I will abstain. 

🛍️ secure the bag
I truly cannot tell you the chokehold the Herschel backpack has had over me since the early 2010s. These babies are stylish and sturdy!!! Why not pick one up for yourself at the Herschel Supply warehouse sale at Chelsea Market opening Friday March 17

If you’re looking to bring some stakes to your St Patrick’s Day celebration — please don’t add them in the form of too many shots. Try St Patrick’s-themed Bingo at The Standard Sunday March 19 instead!!! And yes, you can still do shots there. I should know!

🔥 Hot tip 
We got the chance to take an exclusive, sneak-peek tour of the very cool, very new Manhattan Neighborhood Network studios, where you can not only apply to produce your own TV show through their public access channels (who needs an agent!!!!!) but also take classes on their top-of-the-line equipment that includes cutting edge tech like green-screen motion capture, a full network control center and the latest, greatest podcasting tools. I really could have used their guidance when I produced a few er, low-budget arthouse films that I tortured my family with in the 1990s. 

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