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Actor David Harris is currently playing the role of the Duke of Monroth in the long-running Broadway hit Moulin Rouge.

An Australian native, who is also a an acclaimed singer, Harris now calls New York City home.

Below, he shares his favorite diversions and spots around town.

Where do you live in the city?

My spouse and I bought a top floor “renovators delight” apartment in Chelsea seven years ago in while we managed to renovate during the pandemic. With a large central skylight in the living area, it is our quiet, sunny haven amid the bustle of New York City.

What is your favorite neighborhood in New York and why?

I really enjoy living in Chelsea as it is close enough to the buzz of midtown and is an easy bike ride to and from work on Broadway. Chelsea is surprisingly very quiet, has a varied mix of residents, is close to many art galleries, the Hudson River parkway, the Highline, the Meatpacking District, Chelsea Markets and sporting and recreation facilities at Chelsea Piers. There are many great cafes and restaurants like Citizens of Chelsea which serves up Aussie-style brekkies and great espresso.

Can you share some of your favorite spots in the Theater District and what makes them so great?

Being Australian, I am very fussy with the quality of espresso I drink, so I go to the Aussie-owned St Kilda Coffee and Bird and Branch which is close to our Moulin Rouge theater on 45th Street. Frisson is also great for a strong pick me up. One of my favorite spots for a cheap eat is a tiny hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint called El Rancho Mexican on 45th. It is a family run small business with traditional burritos, perfect for in-between performances on double show days.

Where is the best place for a pre-or post-theater meal and why? What are go-to dishes at each?

I like to take visiting friends and family to a pre-show dinner at Rosevale Kitchen which is on street level of The Civilian Hotel on 48th street. It has casual but chic décor with a clean, fresh menu which doesn’t weigh you down ahead of watching or performing a show. I am fond of the burrata for starters, and either fish or a steak for entre whilst sipping a champagne or two, (when I don’t have a show to perform, of course). The flutes they are served in makes it taste even nicer. They also have a great cocktail bar on the second floor and rooftop bar with great views.

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What is the best Theater District watering hole and the drink to get?

When I am not hosting post-show drinks in my dressing room, called The Duke’s Den, I enjoy heading to Bar Centrale above Joe Allen’s on 46th Street. It is an intimate supper club where you will most likely run into other Broadway actor friends and creatives doing the same thing. Go for the Old Fashioned when there.

Please share your insider tips for enjoying a Broadway show. Anything to make the experience better as an audience member?

We all go to the theater to be transported to another world for a couple of hours, so my advice to truly shut off from the outside world is to turn your phone off, or at least on silent for those hours. It allows for everyone in that shared community of a darkened theater – actors included – to go fully immersed into the world that gets created.

Turn up to the theater with time to spare to relax or in the case of Moulin Rouge, soak up the pre-show entertainment as you enter the world of Paris at the turn of the century. Be mindful of making noise that is not appropriate during the show as it is not only distracting to the actors, but to audience members around that want to be swept up into the story being told. And hang out at stage door after the performance to say hi to any cast that want to come and say hi. You never know what memory you may create when at the theater so remain open and present before returning to the real world.

What’s the New York City theater you love to go to and why?

I don’t think I can single one theater out. The history that each theater holds, the stories told within them, the actors that have graced the stages of each theater is remarkable when you really stop to think about. Who has passed through each stage door and transported themselves into character on stage throughout Broadway’s rich history? The time periods of the audiences and what they would have worn, the social changes that have occurred – the history held and presented in the walls of any New York theater is astounding to me. I recently saw at show at Studio 54 and was again fascinated sitting in my seat thinking, “If only these walls could talk”!

What other Broadway shows are on your radar right now?

There are many shows currently on or about to start I would love to see. The downside of being in a Broadway show is that most shows have the same schedule, so it is rare to be able to see another show. On my list however is Days of Wine and Roses with Broadway heavyweights, Kelli O’Hara and Brian d’Arcy James, Mother Play with Jessica Lange, An Enemy of the People with Jeremy Strong and The Great Gatsby.

Share your insider New York gems.

For me it is the CitiBike system. Being able to jump on a CitiBike from anywhere in the city and ride the many bike paths to wherever you need to go gives me a new perspective on living in the city. The Hudson River Parkway has a bike path the entire length of the west side of Manhattan, not only providing great outdoor exercise but opportunities to stop at many of the interesting destinations along the way. Bikes help getting around the city faster than cars and oftentimes the subway.

Can you share your favorite theaters around the world and why?

I have been very fortunate to perform at The Sydney Opera House on numerous occasions in my career. It is a remarkable building home to different size theatres and a concert hall set on one of the most stunning harbors in the world. Seeing a show at Radio City Music Hall or Carnegie Hall is a must along with Albert Hall in London. I also love performing and seeing shows in intimate settings of 100 seats or so, enabling the audience and actors to share the energy and hear and see every detail.

New York’s scene is consistently expanding with new dining destinations. It becomes a challenge trying to figure out a dining option that provides delectable culinary creations, lavish settings and a welcoming ambiance all under one roof, writes Lola Cristall

Liz Clayman

Periyali ( has been a prime staple amongst New Yorkers and tourists alike for more than three decades in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighbourhood. Offering authentic Greek cuisine, the appetizing selections are delicious and decadent. After a brief interruption, Periyali recently welcomed guests into a revamped and refurbished room. The small entrance leads diners into a vast and cordial atmosphere as the aroma of fresh and delectable cuisine lingers. The two-storey location, with private as well as semi-private spaces, is an inviting setting for a gathering amongst friends, colleagues and family.

Start the culinary journey with their palatable mezze selection; small plates of a variety of dips accompanied by hot pita bread revive the tastebuds in preparation for the dishes that follow. Smoked eggplant entices the senses with garlic and herbs while the fish roe spread provides a faint seafood taste with bursts of citrus-filled flavours. The appetizer selection is endless, offering their grilled graviera cheese with Metaxa brandy as well as crispy spanakopita, delicately seasoned spinach enveloped within a crisp phyllo dough. As a tasty entrée, the Canary Island branzino is flavourfully profound, at the very core of each bite, with hints of olive oil and lemon emerging.

A Greek experience would be incomplete without a gratifying slice of sweet syrup-infused baklava or an airy and absorbent sponge cake soaked in pungent notes of orange. Each dish is a celebration of its own, transporting guests to an exceptional Mediterranean oasis.


While continuing the concept of authentic Greek gourmet culinary creations with a modern twist, the newly opened Paros (, in downtown Manhattan, is next on the list.

Derived and inspired by a Greek Island in the Ægean Sea, brothers George and Nicholas Pagonis bring a delightfully decadent scene to the Tribeca neighbourhood within a 3,500 ft² space accommodating 100 guests indoors and 40 guests on their outdoor patio. With the help of architect Ben Webne, with artistic touches brought forth by the Shashi Construction Group, along with design notes by Demetris Charalambous, the clean-cut and crisp ambiance offers an elegant and sophisticated escape.

Chef George, a finalist from season 12 of Bravo TV’s Top Chef, offers fresh seafood, freshly crisp vegetables and delicious seasoning in the presented dishes. Each platter is a celebration, from the Greek salad with tomatoes, feta cheese as well as dried mint, roasted beet salad with pomegranate seeds and almonds with a tinge of balsamic vinaigrette, grilled octopus with roasted peppers and capers, and halloumi cheese with candied orange and Paros honey, to the marinated and grilled swordfish kebab and the simply grilled pink snapper with a subtle trifle of olive oil.

From the island of Paros we make our way to the ‘Arm of the Mediterranean Sea’ also known as the Ægean Sea, found at Thalassa (, which is also located in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighbourhood. The fine dining destination, located in a significant historic building, has been a go-to spot since the earth 2000s. The restaurant’s name is considerably fitting considering the focus on fresh seafood including oysters, dover sole, royal dorado, loup de mer as well as wild king shrimp. Traditional Greek influences are emphasized in each dish through the chef’s deep passion.

Chef Ralphael Abrahante is a master at his craft, fusing intense tastes with highly fresh and organic ingredients, leaving diners mesmerized and captivated by his skilful culinary talent.

Just a few examples on the menu: a vegetarian moussaka with layers of zucchini and eggplant set in a creamy béchamel sauce, a triangular-shaped spanakopita with well seasoned feta and spinach, a yellow split pea spread with shallots, chives and olive oil, a seafood salad with lobster, shrimp and scallops embraced by hints of fennel, olive oil and a dab of lemon juice, as well as a Greek salad with vine ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, onions peppers and feta cheese soaked in olive oil and lemon, proved to what extent simplicity can still be a divine treat. While appetizers and small sharing plates are a journey on their own, one can only imagine how much of a pleasing treat the main courses are: a delicate grilled swordfish with tomato concasse; grilled asparagus and gigante beans (extra-large white beans with a meaty and wholesome consistency, commonly used in Greek cuisine) burst with flavour, while a simple branzino is stuffed with shrimp, lentils, tomato, dill as well as beets, delivering a satisfyingly pungent texture.

While the majority of the dishes are seafood-based, Chef Abrahante also offers choices from the land, a grilled rib eye steak with oregano, lemon potatoes and asparagus or grilled New Zealand lamb chops gratifyingly oozing with flavourful components in one dish. Desserts are just as delightful: a delicate panna cotta accompanied by poached pear, as well as a moist and rich honey walnut cake, are among the options to choose from.

Casa Carmen

Max Flatow

From Greek and Mediterranean culinary escapes to Mexican flavours, we arrive at Casa Carmen (, led by prominent chef ‘Titita’ Ramírez Degollado along with her grandsons Sebastien and Santiago. The family restaurant welcomes guests into a distinguished and lavish setting reminiscent of México with the aroma of fresh gourmet plates from the kitchen as well as the enticingly simple setting. With two Manhattan-based locations, one in the Flatiron district and the other in Tribeca, diners can enjoy the same experience of quality and hospitality according to their destination of convenience.

Mouth-watering selections include highly flavourful guacamole with jalapeño, cilantro and cacalas (seeds that are found in many of Chef Degollado’s dishes, which are specialities of the regions around Puebla and Oaxaca), quesadilla with melted cheese and seasonal vegetables, ceviche with fresh catch of the day, olives, jalapeño, tomatillo, avocado and lime, as well as tacos with either vegetables, pork, lamb or steak, each bursting with flavour. For a house speciality, the ensalada Carmen is the way to go, a mélange of diced cactus, grilled queso fresco, oregano and tomatoes.

For a decadent palate-cleanser, diners may opt for the crispy brown sugar and cinnamon-coated churros (similar to beignets or doughnuts in elongated form), accompanied by a rich melted dark chocolate fondu or a full-bodied caramel flan. Casa Carmen also offers an array of cocktails with an array of mescal and tequila for a supreme Mexican experience.

Max Flatow

SOL Mexican Cocina

Andrew Werner

For a more casual and relaxed spot in the city, SOL Mexican Cocina ( offers a taste of coastal Mexico in a tavern-like setting. With various locations nationally dispersed, diners may enjoy various platters including a number of guacamole renditions: from simple cilantro and lime or pomegranate seeds, green apples and sweet-spicy peanuts, to a slightly more complex texture with goat cheese and pumpkin seeds. Generously sized salad portions, fresh ceviche and tacos with assorted toppings and sides to choose from are some of the many suggestions. The delightful spot is a lively city destination located in the Flatiron District, with ample dining space and bar area for a variety of cocktails and drink options to be relished. The friendly staff makes the experience a pleasant go-to.

Claudette (, a costal French bistro located in Greenwich Village, a stroll away from Washington Square Park, is reminiscent of a restaurant located on the prominent Boulevard Saint-Germain. The fast-paced surroundings, with hospitable staff catering to their guests’ every need, the smell of fresh homemade baguette from the kitchen and the sight of appetizing dishes flowing, provide a cozy and delightful experience.

Bouillabaisse immersed with sea bass, prawns, mussels and lobster in a flavourful tomato broth, goat cheese ravioles in a lemon beurre fondu with tarragon and grilled octopus with hazelnut romesco, olive oil potatoes and pickled onions emphasize creativity and flavoursome options. A French dining experience would be incomplete without a proper crème brûlée topped with a vanilla anglaise or gâteau au chocolat enveloped by a chocolate ganache and topped with a vanilla chantilly crème.

A vast wine list is also available to complete the culinary French inspiration à la Claudette for a full epicurean touch.

Cucina 8½

Liz Clayman

For a highly luxurious and elegant encounter to the New York City culinary scene, Cucina 8½ (, in the heart of midtown Manhattan in the iconic Solow Building, is a captivating escape from the city chaos. Making one’s way down a grandiose red-carpeted spiral staircase, a grand piano, majestic floral displays and an extensive bar await. The delightful service, the stunning surroundings, the grand dining area as well as the vast kitchen is a sophisticated experience for all the senses.

Veteran restaurateur Auguste Ceradini took over the space in 2021 and has maintained its luxurious and lavish aspects. What used to be called Brasserie 8½, which focused on French, European and American fare, now offers Italian gourmet cuisine under a slightly modified name.

Chef Sam Hazen exceeds a diner’s expectations, providing the freshest ingredients, the finest quality components with supreme flavour throughout his gourmet and culinary offerings. His preparations are an art, transforming ingredients and recipes into total masterpieces. While each dish is attractive on the plate, they are even more sublime to the taste.

Start the exceptional gourmet journey with Cucina 8½ signature focaccia accompanied by olive oil, ricotta and hot honey, mixing the savoury and sweet components together, continue the culinary trip with the insalata di castelfranco, taking a considerably simple element to the next level with white radicchio, gorgonzola, balsamic and honey-roasted pear. Why not also opt for a dish prepared tableside? It’s an experience that allows diners to hypnotically watch a fascinating plate coming together.

The ricotta ravioli is a bite of powerful texture and complexity while the spaghetti al limone, with parmigiano reggiano, is packed with bold flavours contrasted through the cheese’s nutty notes.

Chef Hazen’s pizza creations are just as exceptional and delightful with a thin crust and a variety of toppings to choose from, whether a simple margarita, a spicy salami, a basil pesto or a truffle and caramelized onion option. Chef Hazen is a connoisseur of good food and his passion is incorporated by utilizing the freshest components in each dish, relying on proper seasonings and distinct skill. Vegetables, meats and seafood are transformed into monumental formations.

Rosevale Kitchen & Cocktail Room

 Rosevale Kitchen & Cocktail Room 
Nikolas Koenig/Rockwell Group

From Italian delight to American fare, Rosevale Kitchen & Cocktail Room ( offers an inconspicuous two-storey escape, including a restaurant and bar area, at the Civilian Hotel in the Theater District in Manhattan. The upstairs discreet Broadway Blue Room is a practically a hidden spot to host intimate gatherings surrounded by theatrical memorabilia with Broadway-based pieces, including sketches, costumes and stage props.

Curated by Rachel Hauk and David Rockwell (the prominent American architect and designer), the ambiance offers a scenic journey through numerous Broadway shows including The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked and Hamilton. For an imaginative occurrence, the cocktails on the menu are inspired by each artefact presented in the room, reviving the Broadway spirit through taste.

The kitchen downstairs offers an extensive menu of culinary options: the lobster roll packed with flavours, the shrimp cocktails with a horseradish sauce, the sautéed branding with potatoes, and salsa verde as well as the endive salad with apples, blue cheese and spicy pecans.

 Rosevale Kitchen & Cocktail Room 
Nikolas Koenig/Rockwell Group


When talking about a theatrical journey away from the city through culinary creativity, Journey (, located in the Flatiron District, as the name suggests, does just that. Journey 360 invites diners to step into epic destinations within a small room where an elegantly decorated vast communal table (accommodating up to 20 people) awaits and a five-course prix fixe menu is ready to be served. The two masterminds who orchestrated such an awe-inspiring concept are Marc Routh, theatrical producer and entrepreneur, and Alex Vanderbilt.

High-end gastronomy merges with theatre, presenting an immersive experience. A hostess, adorned in FashionTech couture, welcomes diners to participate in the trip. With each dish, a new projection emerges on the surrounding white walls. Travel around the world, see the beauty of the earth, dive underwater, hear and see a raging waterfall and feel the heat of a volcano’s spewing lava through floor-to-ceiling and table-top projection. The constantly rotating dishes are just as appealing to look at as they are to eat.

The multi-sensory dinner is a fascinating and intriguing experience thanks to the culinary creativity of Chef Edward Hong, successfully presenting diners American cuisine with a Korean spin. The farm-to-table ingredients and prime quality food are demonstrated with utmost precision and attention. •

Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

Cocktail Negroni on a old wooden board. Drink with gin, campari martini rosso and orange.

If you’ve been unsure what to look for when shopping for quality bottles of vermouth, don’t worry; you’re not alone. To guide you through this intricate process, Tasting Table sat down for an enlightening conversation with Francesco Lafranconi, a master mixologist at the Rosevale Cocktail Room inside the Civilian Hotel in NYC. For vermouth lovers, Lafranconi’s insights into selecting the perfect bottle of high-quality vermouth will prove invaluable. 

First, Lafranconi advises us to do a little background work. “Do your online research about the brand and style you would like to experience,” he encourages. Then, he stresses how the “grape varietals” used in making vermouth and “the quality of the botanicals” are “of paramount importance for the overall quality and taste experience.” This means if you want high-quality vermouth, it needs to be made with high-quality ingredients. Fair enough. 

Lafranconi also provides practical advice on vermouth pricing. He cautions against settling for cheaper options, stating, “Shy away from Vermouths under $10 retail (for a 750ml).” The reason is that, commonly, the lower the price of the vermouth, the lower its quality. Now, if you’re wondering if the vermouth bottles themselves are important to consider when selecting high-quality vermouth, the answer is a resounding yes from Lafranconi. 

Avoid dusty bottles of vermouth, especially if they’re clear

Francesco Lafranconi also stresses how it’s not just about the vermouth inside the bottle, but also about the bottle itself. Check the bottles for dust, especially if you find vermouth in clear bottles (and dry and white vermouths tend to be packaged in clear bottles, as Lafranconi points out). He explains, “Stay away from dusty bottles on the shelf, particularly if they are exposed to direct sunlight.” The dust is a sign the vermouth — which does not have same shelf life of other drinks — have remained untouched for a while, and prolonged sun exposure can adversely affect the vermouth’s quality and taste.

Moreover, Lafranconi says to “Trust retailers that go through high volume or boutique high-end ones that seek the latest crafty brand.” This shows the retailers care about the quality of the vermouth they sell to their clients. Moreover, it demonstrates a trust and rapport that has been built between client and retailer — all in assistance from said vermouth quality.

With these insights from Lafranconi, you now know exactly what to look for when shopping for quality bottles of vermouth. Be sure to conduct thorough research on vermouth brands, be wary of low-priced options, and be mindful of the storage conditions, especially if the bottles are clear. You’ll be enjoying the best Negroni or Manhattan in no time. 

Secret Garden Sunday brunch launches at the CIVILIAN Hotel’s Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room.

Rockwell Group designs a spectacular indoor courtyard dining experience in the heart of Manhattan’s theatre district. After an eventful work week, it’s a chique parlor where patrons can gather and unwind. Because the venue is completely covered, this summer’s tropical weather with sporadic showers won’t put a damper on plans. In fact, the picturesque plaza is a perfect getaway for two to six people seeking a social scene with some serious sips.

The Wanamaker Playhouse, presented in a small glass chamber with mist, offers an array of nectars: white peach, raspberry puree, and orange juice. Intended to be mixed with Luca Paretti prosecco, this tableside service nicely pairs with most of their menu items. For starters, Grapefruit + Mint, a chilled appetizer, comes with candied hazelnuts. Or, a scrumptious salad with cesar dressing offers just enough tang before the entrees arrive. Wagyu hash and smoked salmon on a bagel were our favorite dishes. It’s a nice departure from the basic bacon and eggs served at several spots.

The local is lavish and layered with various accouterments that add to the ambiance. Clerestory windows, floral arrangements coupled with statement fixtures sprinkled throughout created a memorable citadel refuge. Moreover, the bunker’s rustic silhouette was further pronounced with a vintage door, handmade chandelier alongside a ginormous custom floral banquette by Preston Bailey. It all played nicely off the burnt orange mosaics which permeated the position.

Lastly, Carver Road Hospitality‘s level of service was pristine and polished, resulting in a serene sanctuary of decadence.

Secret Garden Sunday brunch launches at the CIVILIAN Hotel's Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room via 360 MAGAZINE.

Secret Garden Sunday brunch launches at the CIVILIAN Hotel's Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room via 360 MAGAZINE.

Secret Garden Sunday brunch launches at the CIVILIAN Hotel's Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room via 360 MAGAZINE.

Secret Garden Sunday brunch launches at the CIVILIAN Hotel's Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room via 360 MAGAZINE.

Secret Garden Sunday brunch launches at the CIVILIAN Hotel's Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room via 360 MAGAZINE.

Secret Garden Sunday brunch launches at the CIVILIAN Hotel’s Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room.

While it measures in at just 59 square kilometers, the island of Manhattan is home to more than 1.6 million residents, serving as one of the most densely-settled regions on earth. Amidst the vast clusters of towering skyscrapers mingled with verdant parks, visitors can discover one of the most glorious drinking and dining scenes found on the entire planet, with a plethora of high-end bistros and dimly-lit dives to explore. While it may seem intimidating at first glance, those willing to set foot in New York County are in for a truly unforgettable experience, with no shortage of dishes, ingredients, and culinary styles from all across the globe packed into one borough.

Lower East Side

The Williamsburg Bridge was opened on December 20th, 1903.

Perched on the edge of the East River adjacent to Kings County, the Lower East Side is equipped with a stellar cocktail scene, serving as the perfect spot for a well-earned drink after a stroll across the Williamsburg Bridge. To kick off the night, newly-opened venue Thief is home to a diverse array of cocktails ranging from the agave and passionfruit-loaded Fire It Up to the rum-forward Dillinger’s Downfall, with no shortage of hearty comfort food to snack on in between drinks. But when it comes to decadent dining, the Lower East Side is home to a massive array of options. For fans of hearty Argentinian cuisine, Balvanera offers top-tier skirt steak in a cozy space, while Dhamaka is a favorite for ultra-flavorful South Asian fare, with Indian dishes like paneer methi, misa mach poora, and Nagaland pork all gracing the menu.

Washington Heights

Washington Heights was named after Fort Washington.

Renowned across the nation for its strong Caribbean heritage, Washington Heights serves as one of the Northeast’s crown jewels of Dominican dining. To experience the cuisine firsthand, Malecon has been a local favorite since the turn of the millennium, providing diners with some of the finest roast chicken in all of the city. Just a few steps away, venues range from the no-frills Marilu & Daysi to Jalao NYC, a new arrival to the local dining scene that’s earned abundant acclaim for their gorgeous interior, regular live music, and classic dishes like sancocho, mofongo, and pecao frito—but if you’re in the mood for classic Italian fare, be sure to swing by Aquamarina for a plate of veal parm paired with the perfect margarita.


Soho is short for “South of Houston,” a nickname that references Manhattan’s iconic Houston Street.

SoHo serves as one of Manhattan’s hottest shopping districts, and after a long day of perusing boutiques, there’s a wealth of cozy watering holes to explore as well. On the edge of 6th Avenue, Lupe’s East LA Kitchen is a top spot for classic West Coast Mexican dishes like chicken mole and shrimp chipotle burritos, while The Dutch has been a local favorite for over a decade thanks to their hearty American fare and can’t-miss weekend brunch. After a meal, guests can swing by Milady’s to find a spectacular roster of cocktails like the Caribbean rum-heavy Banana Stand, while for beer aficionados in particular, Torch & Crown Brewing Company’s original location is located in the heart of the district, providing guests with an opportunity to sample their flagship Almost Famous NEIPA straight from the source.


Madison Square Park was opened on May 10th, 1847.

In spite of its small stature, NoMad offers a massive array of top-tier drinking and dining destinations both on and off of Broadway. Those in search of hearty Mediterranean dining need look no further than ilili Restaurant, one of the city’s top spots for elevated Lebanese cuisine. While the venue excels at traditional dishes like lamb shawarma and beef fried kibbeh, guests can also enjoy hearty fusion fare like the American Lebanese burger, a spin on the classic dish that’s loaded with pickled cucumber and onion. For the totally meat-averse, neighboring Planta Queen has been a favorite in recent years thanks to their all-vegan menu featuring the iconic Bang Bang Broccoli—and when it comes to cocktails, few destinations can compare to Apotheke, a sophisticated space that’s home to some of the finest cocktails in all of Midtown.

East Village

The East Village is home to a large concentration of New York’s community gardens.

Renowned for its high concentration of German immigrants during the late 1800s, Manhattan’s East Village has morphed into one of the city’s hottest nightlife destinations in the modern era. For a truly memorable night across the neighborhood, swing by the ultra-cozy Huertas to dine on tinned fish paired with Basque-style tapas, then head just one block north to find Bar Lula, a polished venue that masterfully marries flavorful Mexican fare with French culinary techniques. Guests can snag top-tier charred shrimp, roasted octopus, and cotija-loaded hominy risotto, while the massive mezcal selection is a particular menu highlight—and to end the night on a high note, be sure to check out SuperBueno, a colorful Mexican cocktail bar that makes a killer mushroom margarita.

Central Harlem

Harlem is named after a prominent Dutch city in the province of North Holland.

A hub for Black American culture for decades on end, Harlem has served as a major influence for contemporary music, art, and literature since the mid-1900s—and today, the neighborhood’s rich legacy extends into gastronomy as well, with no shortage of incredible restaurants for visitors to discover. Best known for its decadent soul food scene, guests can sample classics like shrimp and grits, fried catfish, and chicken and waffles at time-honored venues like Amy Ruth’s, but that’s not all that the neighborhood has to offer. Harlem’s Black diaspora has given rise to a wealth of top-tier West African restaurants as well, inviting visitors to head to Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant for incredible vegan dishes like spicy ye misir wat or tikil gomen, while Chez Jacob is a must-visit for dibi, nem, and other classic Senegalese dishes.

Financial District

The Financial District’s iconic Charging Bull statue was installed in 1989.

Located at the southernmost tip of New York County, the Financial District serves as the beating heart of the nation’s economy—and all of that cash flow has fostered a pretty spectacular dining scene, with La Marchande perfectly exemplifying the splendor of the surrounding neighborhood. Located in the Wall Street Hotel, this opulent restaurant is a paradise for fine French dining, offering succulent oysters gratinèed, roasted chicken, and a truly incredible brioche pull apart all served alongside a massive array of French wine and vermouth. For a more casual experience, visitors can head to Cedar Local for an incredible Royale with Cheese paired with a classic cocktail, and when it comes to paninis, there’s no beating Pisillo, a pint-sized shop that’s mastered the art of the decadent Italian sandwich.

Theater District

Times Square saw its first official ball drop on December 31st, 1907.

While Times Square serves as the Theater District’s main attraction (for tourists, at least), there’s a wide array of sophisticated restaurants just a few steps away from New York’s most famous ad space. For a particularly glamorous night on the town, the massive Madame George offers a huge array of top-tier concoctions ranging from classic New York City staples to avant-garde creations—and once dinnertime rolls around, it’s tough to find a more glamorous spot than 53. A paradise for elevated pan-Asian fare, this polished venue is home to high-end dishes like lobster rice and Singapore-style Hainanese chicken, with the clay pot black cod being a particular menu highlight. And for any diners that prefer to stick close to their accommodations, the CIVILIAN Hotel is equipped with a wealth of dining options to explore just steps away from your room, with destinations ranging from the plant-filled Starchild rooftop lounge to Rosevale Kitchen, a convivial space that makes a stellar steak tartare.

Roosevelt Island

The Roosevelt Island Tramway was opened in 1976.

An oft-overlooked destination for visitors to Manhattan, the pint-sized Roosevelt Island measures in at just 0.6 square kilometers—but this tiny sliver of land is home to some incredible drinking and dining destinations. While casual venues range from ME Mediterranean Eatery to the cozy Irish-inspired Granny Annie’s Bar & Kitchen, Panorama Room offers a particularly upscale experience that’s impossible to find elsewhere on the island. Housed within the 18th floor of the Graduate New York, this polished venue is the hottest nightlife destination to grace the streets of Roosevelt Island, offering gorgeous 360-degree views and high-end craft cocktails during evening hours as well as an incredible brunch program throughout the weekend.

Greenery abounds on 93rd and Madison Avenue. Photo: JH.


Thursday, June 28, 2023. A bright sunny day, all day, yesterday in New York in the Dinning Districts. The temps reached up to almost 80 and there was no sense of humidity. Yippee. The weatherman’s been telling us for days now that we’re gonna have a big storm. Not that I think he’s making it up, and there has been rain around the country if you look at the weather maps, but. We did have three or four moments yesterday — and with the Sun still out — when there were a few spots of a few drops on my little black Mini convertible (2009), but that was it. Until …

The beginning stages of my little garden terrace.

In the meantime I’m thinking gardens. A little garden on my little terrace. Now in the works (takes me a few days to get it all together). If you’ve been reading us for awhile you’ve seen the same story in the years before. It’s a tiny plot as the photos explain. 

Some years I’ve just about covered the entire floor of the little plot. But that’s too much, making it more difficult for me to go out on my terrace and watch the street, the dogs, the families, the neighbors, the runners, the wheel chairs, the cars, the ambulances, and fire trucks, and police cars. I don’t see much action in those categories but even the gait of the individuals is interesting to me wondering what that tells me about the personality of the passerby.

And then there’s the gardens. In this neighborhood many buildings have potted gardens surrounding the trees in front of them. Some are quite beautiful, others are modest, but all are good for the eyes and the spirit, no matter how meek.

My mother always had a flower garden when I was growing up. She also had a vegetable garden which was large which she worked and labored over. Neighborhood vegetable gardens were very common. But her flower garden was clearly her gem. I can still see her on a Sunday afternoon, after church and lunch, still dressed for the day, standing looking over the flowers, her hands behind her back simply enjoying her hand in creation of Nature’s beauty.

And she wasn’t the only mom in the neighborhood tending to her garden.

I didn’t know that back when I was a kid. Instead I was probably wondering: “What is she looking at but the same old flowers.” Time, child; it takes time.

Now I always look at gardens, no matter their size or layouts. Simply for the beauty it affirms for me. Then of course, I’m old enough to have learned that all kinds of creative thinking goes into any of those plots, tiny or enormous. Because, as it was with my ma, they are the music of Nature’s beauty.

A window box in the nabe.

Speaking of Nature’s beauty and the fragrance that it brings, a bevy of New Yorkers arrived in London for the season and — in between Ascot, Wimbledon, Henley and the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition — they found time to support their friends philanthropist Shining Sung and designer Marc Rosen.

The new Formosa fragrance at Fenwick Bond Street, London.

After successfully launching her new fragrance ‘Formosa’ in Bergdorf Goodman in February (you read about it here), Shining has now premiered the fragrance in Fenwick Bond Street. During an afternoon high tea, she introduced Formosa as a ‘love letter to Taiwan’ and a fragrance that extols the beauty and harmony of this verdant island.

Marc Rosen — who’s won 7 FiFi awards, which are essentially the Oscars of the perfume industry — designed the unique bottle. The presentation of the fragrance in a sleek crystal clear half-moon slice of heavy glass with a faux carved green jade ball closure, explained Marc, “I don’t think there has ever been a fragrance where the ingredients are indigenous to a country.”

New York guests such as Susan Gutfreund, Ruth Berman, Katherine Bryan, Kathy Sloane, Elizabeth Kabler, Peter Psaras, Christine McCarthy and Evan Sung mingled with His Excellency Representative Hsieh and his wife Linda, Dame Joan Collins and Percy Gibson, Lady Lena Bone, Sybil Kretzmer, Victoria Haggerty, Vivienne Becker, Carolyn Druion, Jenny Gucci, Tara Ferry, Sirkka Sanderson, Krishna and Virinda Choudhary, May Tang, Joanna Broughton, Jo Fairley, Marianne Rousditer-Smith, Tikka Sing and Sallie Berkerey.

Shining Sung with her son, Evan Sung.
Sybil Kretzmer, Marc Rosen, and Christine McCarthy.
Shining Sung with Dr. Hidekazu Kurebayashi and Mrs. Shoko Kurebayashi.
Lady Lena Bone, Shining Sung, Kathy Sloane, Susan Gutfreund, and Katherine Bryan.
Shining Sung with His Excellency Representative Hsieh and Madam Linda Hsieh.
Carolyn Druion with Perry Field.
HE Representative Hsieh, Sybil Kretzmer, Shining Sung, and Madam Hsieh.
Percy Gibson and Marc Rosen.
Dame Joan Collins with the Formosa fragrance.
Janine Roxborough Bunce and Esha Agarwal.
Christine McCarthy, Vesa Kalho, and Percy Gibson.
Victoria Haggerty and Ruth Berman.
Jenny Gucci, Peter Psaras, and Elizabeth Kabler.

More garden gab. The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation held its first charity Garden Tour bringing in much needed funds for the rescues in their care. Private gardens were opened to the public all for a great cause.

The inaugural event was chaired by Sandra McConnell, with Lyn Hamer, Rebecca Williams, and Tish Rehill as Co-Chairs. The Host Committee included Suzanne Ainslie, Lisa Arnold, Alixandra Baker, Debbie Bancroft, Rosalie Brinton, Paula Butler, Laurie Carson, Beatty Cramer, Laura Danforth, Tim and Susan Davis, Linda Fraser, Heidi Greene, Ann Grimm, Peter Hallock, Thea Hattrick, Ellen Irving, Maggie Kirkbride, Jean Little, Kevin Maple, Howard Marton, Kathy McMullen, Christl Meszkat, Gloria Meyers, Marion Piro, Francesca Reigler, Silvia Robinson, Ellen Scarborough, Nancy Stone, Mary Lou Swift, Lorraine Vidal, Cindy Willis, Ann Yawney.

Max enjoying the view.

There were close to 200 people in attendance including, Elizabeth Robertson, Greg D’Elia, Nancy Stone, Jean Shafiroff, Laura Wynne, and Ann Yawney.  The crowning jewel of the event were the rescue dogs of SASF who pranced around the expansive lawn at the cocktail reception to the musical delight of Joshua Brussell.

The event sponsors got a huge round of “a-paws,” including Hampton Picnic Co, Vegan Muse, Canoe Place, Sant Ambroeus, The Kevin Maple Salon, Peter Hallock & Craig Mowry, Rebecca & Owen Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Gruss, Sandra McConnell, Stinchi Landscaping, Corcoran of Southampton, Alixandra C. Baker and the Baker Charitable Fund and Boxed Water for keeping all the guests and pets hydrated.

The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is supported exclusively by donations and grants from the community. From caring and finding homes for stray and abandoned animals to providing low-cost veterinary care and dog training so that animals can remain in their homes, the shelter has become a vital resource in our community.

And don’t forget! The Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation’s 14th Annual Unconditional Love Gala is returning to the Hamptons and will take place on Saturday, July 22nd, 2023, at The Muses in Southampton, NY. The grand soiree will be one of the highlights of this summer season out east and has been the most important fundraiser for the shelter for over a decade.

For more information and Tickets, click here.

A little further out East, the East Hampton Historical Society will be hosting their East Hampton Antiques & Design Show on the grounds of Mulford Farm, on Saturday, July 15, through Sunday, July 16. Now in its seventeenth year, the East Hampton Antiques & Design Show is widely recognized as the premier antiques and design event on Eastern Long Island and a highlight of the East Hampton arts and social calendar.

Preview Cocktail Party for the East Hampton Antiques & Design Show — Mulford Farm, East Hampton.

Liz Lange, American fashion designer, entrepreneur, author, and podcast host, is the Honorary Chairperson of the Friday, July 14, Preview Cocktail Party, which offers patrons an early buying opportunity of the extraordinary array of antiques, jewelry, textiles, collectibles, and timelessly chic furniture and accessories. Ticket proceeds from the Preview Cocktail benefit the East Hampton Historical Society.

“As the current owner of the treasured and iconic Grey Gardens,”  said Ms. Lange, “the historical structures of East Hampton are near and dear to my heart. The buildings that the East Hampton Historical Society maintains are vital and make up the composition of one of the loveliest and best-planned villages in America.”

Both the Preview Cocktail Party and the Antiques & Design Show take place on the bucolic grounds of the Mulford Farm, located on James Lane in the heart of East Hampton Village. Maintained by the East Hampton Historical Society, this 3.5-acre property features a restored 17th-century farmhouse as well as several barns and outbuildings that are among the oldest on Long Island.

Tickets for the Friday night VIP Preview Cocktail Party start at $250 per person and include return visits over the weekend. For tickets, call the East Hampton Historical Society at 631-324-6850 Ext. 1, or e-mail at

Advance tickets for the Antiques & Design Show cost $15.

Tickets can be purchased online by visiting the Events page on the East Hampton Historical Society’s website at

Bunny Mellon certainly knew a thing or two about gardens. We just heard from our friends at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) that they are now accepting submissions for the 2023 Bunny Mellon Landscape Design Prize, which recognizes the excellence and creativity of projects from emerging landscape or architectural design professionals whose work is inspired by classical or traditional design. This Prize is presented annually as part of the ICAA’s Bunny Mellon Landscape Curricula.

There is one Bunny Mellon Garden Design Prize awarded each year to the emerging professional for a singular project that best meets the prize’s criteria. So, if you’ve got anyone in mind, and would like to submit a nomination (submissions should feature a completed or nearly completed garden), send an email to by August 1st, 2023.

The winner will receive a $1,500 dollar cash prize and will be recognized at the 2024 Garden Symposium, announced on the ICAA’s social media, website, and other external media, publications, and promotional materials to be determined. The runner-up will receive the recognition of “Highly Commended” from the jury as they see fit. Not too shabby-chic, eh?

“Whimsy Farm,” designed by Bunny Mellon Garden Design Prize winner 2022 Justin Willard for Hollander Design | Landscape Architects (Photo: Neil Landino, Jr.)

A Secret Garden. And last week back in little ol’ Manhattan, the CIVILIAN hotel (305 W 48th Street) opened up  a Secret Garden at Rosevale Kitchen, a new public space on the ground floor of the hotel.

There was live music in the garden and a selection of light bites + craft cocktails from Rosevale Kitchen all tucked away “in paradise.”

Designed by David Rockwell + Rockwell Group and helmed by Carver Road Hospitality, Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Lounge is a modern interpretation of a classic Theater District diner in both design and its upscale American bistro menu. The Secret Garden will be a sanctuary to escape the bustling city of New York in the courtyard of the restaurant, allowing guests space to relax outdoors and surround themselves with greenery. Ah-eh-ee-oh-uu …

Rosevale Kitchen at the Civilian Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen is rapidly becoming a must-visit destination for lobster roll aficionados in New York City. This year, it’s poised to top the list for the “best Lobster Rolls in NYC.” Every Tuesday in June, guests can savor a unique twist on the classic lobster roll, while the traditional version remains a staple on the menu throughout the summer season.

The lineup is tantalizing: On June 20th, The BLT version is set to delight with its shredded iceberg lettuce, crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, and a touch of mayo. Following on June 27th, The Avocado roll will offer a more contemporary flavor with chipotle crema, avocado, red onion, and cilantro, promising a fusion of tastes that are both bold and refreshing.

Having opened its doors in November 2022, Rosevale Kitchen is a modern take on the classic New York eatery. It’s a quintessentially American restaurant, drawing inspiration from the vibrant, never-sleeping energy of New York City. Named after Rosevale, the historic Hopper family farmhouse known for its lush gardens, the restaurant is a tribute to the eclectic and diverse culinary landscape of the city.

Located just a few steps from Broadway, the architecture of Rosevale Kitchen is as captivating as its menu. The design, conceptualized by the renowned Rockwell Group, features a curved, ribbed leather ceiling and mirrored panels.

These are complemented by red leather banquettes and brass accents, creating a warm, brasserie-like ambiance.

The dining room, bright and inviting, is adorned with round sconces engraved with theater façade sketches from prominent set designers. Adding to this theatrical charm are black and white photographs by Bruce Glikas, arranged in casual, layered displays against the walls, further emphasizing the restaurant’s nod to its Broadway proximity.

Rosevale Kitchen isn’t just a dining experience; it’s a journey into the heart of New York’s culinary and cultural scene, offering a unique blend of traditional flavors and modern flair, all within the buzzing atmosphere of Manhattan’s famed theater district.

The line up: June 20 – The BLT, Shredded Iceberg, Crispy Bacon, Cherry Tomatoes, Mayo June 27 –The Avocado, Chipotle Crema, Avocado, Red Onion, Cilantro. 

Just opened in November 2022, Rosevale Kitchen brings a modern interpretation of a classic New York eatery. A quintessential American restaurant Inspired by the city that never sleeps, Rosevale Kitchen, which takes its name from Rosevale, the historic Hopper family farmhouse notable for its extensive gardens, is an homage to New York City’s diverse culinary culture.

Steps away from Broadway, the architecture features a curved, ribbed leather ceiling and mirror panels accented by red leather banquettes and brass accents giving off a brasserie feel. Designed by renowned architecture and design firm Rockwell Group, Rosevale Kitchen and Cocktail Bar pays homage to its proximity to Broadway.

The bright dining room is adorned with round sconces engraved with theater façade sketches by prominent set designers and black and white photography by Bruce Glikas leaning against the wall in casual and layered displays.

Address: 305 W 48th

Cinco de Mayo Recipe Tips From Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room

By Cheddar Staff

Mixologist Alec Kass and executive chef Justin Romine from Rosevale Kitchen + Cocktail Room in Manhattan visited the Cheddar News studio to share their favorite Cinco de Mayo drink and food recipes, from spicy margaritas to octopus al pastor.

Here are a few place in NYC that are excited to host Kentucky Derby-themed happenings and specials in celebration of the races.

Refinery Rooftop

It’s time to grab your seersucker blazers, floral dresses, bright pastels, and wide-brimmed hats as the Refinery Rooftop saddles up with its annual Kentucky Derby Party viewing party

Kentucky Derby NYC 2023 Parties

On Saturday, May 6th (3:30 pm – 7:00 pm ET), attendees can channel their Derby-est look and join in on the following:

  • Open bar
  • Passed appetizers and desserts
  • Live entertainment and streaming of the Derby
  • A contest for the best dressed Derby outfit

The highly-anticipated event also features a signature cocktail created specifically for this event, live DJ’s and music, and hours of Derby fun. 

Civilian Hotel

Celebrate the Kentucky Derby on May 6th in your best derby attire at Starchild Rooftop and Rosevale Kitchen and Cocktail Room located at the Civilian Hotel in Hell’s Kitchen. Mint Juleps, shareable cocktails and food specials will be available beginning at 5pm at Starchild Rooftop and from 9pm-11pm as well as Live Jazz at Rosevale Kitchen.

Kentucky Derby NYC 2023 Parties
Kentucky Derby NYC 2023 Parties

ROOF at Park South

ROOF at Park South has recently opened for the season and will host a Derby Soirée this Saturday, May 6th, to celebrate the Kentucky Derby in style. 

This event will be a partnership between the rooftop, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, and Herradura Tequila, providing guests with a selection of delicious beverages, including the classic julep. In addition to the delicious drinks, there will also be Derby-inspired bites and exciting giveaways, including gift cards to Sweetbriar, the sister restaurant. To top it off, the rooftop will host a friendly competition for the best dress outfit, so be sure to inform your reader to wear their best hats and seersucker fits!

The event will run from 4 pm to 8 pm, and tickets are available on Resy for $55.

The Bar at Moynihan Food Hall

Guests can sit back with an Old Forester Mint Julep in their own souvenir cup and watch the big race on The Bar at Moynihan Food Hall giant screens. Pair the Mint Juleps with some delicious Loaded Fries from Jacob’s Pickles and you’re celebrating the Derby like a real Southerner. DJ’s keep the party going all day and night.

Our new favorite Hell’s Kitchen Spot, read this Rosevale Kitchen Review

Hell’s Kitchen is known for it’s nightlife experiences, whether it be going to their unique restaurant and bars to their late night clubbing experiences.  And we had the privilege to dine at one of the newest restaurants and cocktail bars at Rosevale Kitchen.  As you enter Rosevale Kitchen, you are met with a modern American interior, adorned with decorations that have a very vintage feel.  The overall design and ambiance feels like if a classic American restaurant and bar was elevated and modernized while still maintain the old style charm.  The dinner menu itself has American dining classics with both seafood and red meat options with a few dishes having some Asian inspiration to it.  The cocktail menu has a lot of variety, but draws inspiration from classic cocktails like bellinis, margaritas, paper airplanes, and negronis.

For our cocktails, we tried the Very Large Airplane and the Spicy Encounter.  The Spicy Encounter was made with Tanteo Jalapeño Tequila, Ancho Reyes Verde, Passionfruit, Lime, Agave, and a Mezcal Float, being rimmed with a Spicy Worm Salt.  This drink was delicious and reminded us of a fruit forward margarita. Upon first sip, you get the flavors of passionfruit and agave with a small note of heat from the ancho reyes that warms your palate.  As you let the drink it on your palate, you then get the brightness from the lime with a hint of smoke from the mezcal which helps refresh your palate for the next sip.  The spicy worm salt was a wonderful touch that gave a little bit more balance and helped deepen the flavors of the drink, especially lending itself to the brightness and smokiness aspects of the drink.  For the Very Large Airplane, this was made with Japanese Gin, Aperol, Amaro, Lemon, White Strawberry.  So instead of the usual bourbon in a Paper Airplane drink, they opted for a Japanese Gin which would provide a bit more hebaciousness to the cocktail instead of the oaky flavors from the bourbon.  And it plays well with the bitterness from the Amaro and Aperol too.  But at the very end of the sip, we got the playful sweetness mixed with a hint of acidity and brightness from the white strawberry and the lemon.

For the starting course, we tried the Caesar salad and the Shrimp Cocktail.  The Caesar Salad was done with the classic romaine lettuce, parmesan, and croutons fixture.  The greens were fresh and crisp which helped balance out the heavier parts from the dressing.  The dressing itself was actually not in the classic Caesar dressing style where it incorporated components of anchovies and creamy egg yolk in it.  Instead the creaminess was substituted for a lighter rendition and lent itself to the freshness of the salad.  Instead the salty component came from the parmesan in little bits.  A big highlight for this dish was the croutons were they were crisp, light, fluffy, and had a hint of sweetness to it which was a delightful surprise that provided a lot of balance to the dish.  For the Shrimp Cocktail, it was served with a Horseradish Cocktail Sauce and a wedge of lemon.  The Shrimp were immaculate, being so plump and juicy and bursting with sweetness.  The cocktail sauce was a great pairing where there was the classic sharpness and tanginess from the horseradish but ended with a sweet acidity that lent itself well to the shrimp.

For our mains we opted for the Orange Duck and their Fish Of The Moment special.  The Orange Duck is a Rohan Breast cooked with Pho Spices and a duck jus.  The duck was cooked nicely with a beautiful sear on it.  The sear lent itself for a wonderful bite with a crispy texture and the duck meat soaked up the sweetness from the duck jus that added depth of flavor and brightened up the fish.  The duck was served atop a bed of vegetables that absorbed a lot of the flavors from the jus and allowed for the perfect marriage between the duck and the vegetables.

For the seafood special, it was a Blackened Sea Bass with a chili white wine sauce served with spring greens.  This fish special was absolutely delicious and hopefully they make it a permanent option on the menu because it was that good.  The fish was so flakey but incredibly moist and tender to the point where it melts in your mouth.  The sea bass has a delicate flavor to it that lingers on your palate and pairs perfectly with the white wine sauce.  The sauce itself had a little bit of heat to it but not enough to overpower the flavors in the fish.

And to round out our meal, we had both the Brown Butter Blondie and the Cheesecake Panna Cotta for dessert.  The Blondie was made with Macadamia Nuts, White Chocolate Chunks, and paired with a Milk Chocolate Gelato.  This blondie was definitely one of the best we have ever had with a perfectly crisp exterior while still being moist and delicate on the inside.  Each bite had such a decadent feel and flavor to it and the white chocolate chips provide a very airy and light sweetness to the dessert.  The nuts give such great texture to the dish and paired with the gelato added a refreshing sweetness to you palate.

For the Panna Cotta, that was paired with a Graham Cracker Crumb on top.  The panna cotta was fluffy and airy with a perfect bounce to it.  The cheesecake flavor had the perfect balance of savory and sweet to it and the crumble that sat on top gave a beautiful addition of texture to the dish where in other situations a panna cotta would be one note with texture.

Once we finished our meal, our night was not over.  Sitting on the next level up from Rosevale Kitchen is the Rosevale Cocktail Room.  The setting is dark and moody with a very intimate feel. The décor draws the eye all around with room where you can find intricate dioramas displayed at every inch all the way up to the 15 ft ceilings. The finishings on the room add an elegant feel to the room and it resembles the style of an upscale speakeasy without having the pretentiousness of memorizing a password or knowing to walk through a refrigerator like some of the current NYC speakeasies do.  And during the summer, the Rosevale Cocktail Room will finally open up its balcony section so you can enjoy some of their delicious craft cocktail while basking in the sun.

If you have been on cocktail TikTok, you might know the Rosevale Cocktail Room based on this drink we ordered.  Called the Rosevale Irish Coffee, this is Rosevale’s take on an Irish Coffee with some elevated twists on it.  This order is served for two and is made with Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey, Apple Brandy, Illy Coffee, Cider Donut Cream, and topped with Cacao.  The present this drink is a two chamber diffuser of sorts.  On the bottom chamber is the whiskey and brandy and in the top are an arrangement of spices and ingredients like black tea, star anise, cardamom, and orange slices.  The server will place a flame directly below the bottom chamber and slowly the alcohol will flow from the bottom chamber to the stop and steep in the spices and ingredients.  Once all the alcohol has been transferred to the top, the flame is taken away and the liquid slowly falls back down to the bottom chamber.  That liquid is poured into your glass where the server then pours a decadent cider donut cold foam on top.  The last, and some would say the most important step, is that a 5 lb Hershey’s Kiss is brought to you and they shave the cacao from the kiss on top of the drink.

The drink upon first sip has such an intense depth of flavor from the black tea, star anise, and cardamom that almost wakes your entire palate up.  As you keep sipping, your mouth is enveloped by the creaminess from the drink and the cold foam.  The drink is obviously very spirit forward so sipping slowly and occasionally will help with both savoring every flavor that is in this drink while also not having you feel light headed in the end.

Our lasting impression of both the Rosevale Kitchen and Rosevale Cocktail Room is that these two spots are some of the best dining and drinking locations in Hell’s Kitchen.  The food in the kitchen was simple and familiar but had classic and clean flavors where it would be hard not to enjoy it.  The cocktails in the kitchen also pair amazingly well with the food and we love their elevated takes on classic cocktails.  For the Cocktail Room, this is something we will be stopping by for again.  Whether it’s a date night or a night out with friends, the Rosevale Cocktail Room will meet all your needs and give you some of the best cocktails in Hell’s Kitchen.